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Solomon’s flagship location was a dilapidated, vacant building, originally built in the early 1900’s. It’s last use was a Tower Records store and prior, served as local businesses including a shoe store and delicatessen. Solomon’s resurrected the unused building, with lead paint and asbestos, and brought it back to life and transformed it into a Certified Green Restaurant and a community gathering place for eating, drinking, appreciating art and music and laughing with family and friends!

The adaptive re-use project included the restoration of California’s first psychedelic mural, originally commissioned by Russ Solomon in 1973, with artists Mitch Aaronson and Frank Carson, who also created many of the iconic Tower Records calendars. The mural’s prominent bright color have been carried into the space and Solomon’s brand with the use of the original Tower yellow (PMS 109C), teal, and hot pink. The mural restoration was conducted by Aaronson’s daughter Sophie and lead by local artists Shaun Burner and Franceska Juliana. 

The sustainable elements designed by Andrea Lepore include water saving elements in the bathrooms with low-flow faucets and fixtures, all LED lighting throughout including a restored 1970’s chandelier at the entrance of The Russ Room, no VOC paint, tree-saving Dyson hand dryers, and Energy Star appliances in the kitchen and bar. All paper products and packaging for to-go food and drinks are made from recycled paper and/or compostable or recyclable materials. Kitchen scraps are composted and distributed to community gardens in partnership with the Green Restaurant Alliance of Sacramento.